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Site visits to harm reduction programmes in Basel will be offered throughout the conference.

Further information

Wednesday afternoon

During the opening session of the conference delegates will be welcomed the event by the organisers and the City of Basel. After this the session will focus on the future of harm reduction, the challenges we face including the economic crisis and the opportunities for harm reduction in Europe.


The first day of the conference is dedicated to the changes and challenges for harm reduction today. A variety of workshops, discussions and roundtables will be offered as well as an evening training programme. Topics for discussion will include new psychoactive substances, hepatitis C alcohol harm reduction and discrimination within harm reduction services to name a few.


The last day of the conference will be devoted to drug policy and the role of harm reduction post-prohibition. The opening plenary will explore consider new developments in drug policy and look ahead to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on drugs in 2016. Interactive roundtables on models of decriminalisation, civil society participation and campaigns will allow delegates to explore these issues in more depth.

The closing session will focus on successful advocacy for drug policy reform and securing humane, successful and pragmatic drug policy in Europe.

Mission Statement