About Basel

Basel – Switzerland’s capital of art and culture

Nestling in the heart of Europe in the three countries corner where Switzerland, Germany and France meet, Basel is a pocket-sized metropolis that combines proverbial Swiss quality with a multicultural population. This makes the city unmistakably open-minded, happy and innovative.

Only a 10-minute drive from the city centre, Basel’s EuroAirport – by the way the only binational airport in the world – is served by a number of international airlines. Together with neighbouring Zurich Airport, it enjoys connections to all European airports and to more than 200 intercontinental destinations. Located in the centre of Europe, Basel is a major transportation hub. Its three railway stations – the Swiss SBB, French SNCF and German Badischer Bahnhof offer excellent connections to far and wide.

Basel is widely acknowledged as Switzerland’s city of culture and for good reason, with visitors confronted by art at every turn – whether simply wandering through the streets of the Old Town or visiting one of the city’s nearly forty museums. The sheer number of museums alone indicates that Basel is not a city that lovers of art and culture can explore in a day. With their themed collections, the museums of Basel have something for every taste and many have reputations that stretch far beyond the Swiss border. And then there are the countless galleries scattered liberally throughout the city. There are also many high-class cultural events that take place throughout the year, underlining Basel’s reputation as a cultural hot-spot. Of course we should not forget that the city also has a lively theatre and music scene.